No one knows what it’s like to be a dustbin…in Shaftsbury…with hooligans.

1. ‘The hooligans are loose, the hooligans are loose! What if they become ruffians?’

2. ‘For television has not ‘informed’ the people but instead deformed them by deforming reality and presenting it 24 hours a day on 52 channels…no wonder we feel so confused, afraid and out of control when this is the reflection presented to us as ‘life’. There  can be only one answer – turn it off, open your window and listen to the breeze and the crickets and the silence that has nothing to sell to us, but gives freely – this is Reality.’

3. ‘Someone once described wit as finding similarities in things that are different, and finding differences in things that are similar. I like that a lot as far as wit. As for humour, I think it has to ring true emotionally, coupled with justified anger at how the world is, and how you know in your heart how the world can be. In that lies humour and the word ‘fuck’.’

4. ‘Your denial is beneath you…Your ways are tired, your point of view is meaningless, and you live hollow fucking lives. Shut up and learn from your master…’

DrugsabortionsmokingpoliticiansIraqBushAmericanGladiatorsjunktvchildrenmarketingUFOhisparentsJimiHendrixKeithRichardsthevoiceofReasonjoyjoyjoy. And funny. Yeah, he was funny.

5. ‘I need to be reminded where I’m going/ I need to be reminded why I’m here/I need to be reminded where I come from/I need to be reminded not to fear.’


William Melvin Hicks

(16/12/1961 – 26/02/1994)




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