I Walk The Floor From Nine to Four

But for them that prefer tea & nonsense.



tea top: a musical, spinning samovar.

the Tea Theatre: the highest theatre in the world; home of the Darjeeling Drama.

tea hod: small hod for carrying tea bricks in Tibet.

tea square: an impotent Dervish.

tea cloud: a high calm soft warm light gold cloud, sometimes seen at sunset.

teafish: bred by the Japanese in special fish-farms, where it feeds on tannin-impregnated potato extract, this famous fish is the source of our ‘instant fish teas’, tasting equally of fish, chips, and tea.

tea cat: species of giant toad found in South India;  it is not a cat and has no connection with tea.

grey tea: used of a disappointment. E.g. ‘Harriet got her grey tea that night.’

brown bolus tea: an old-fashioned medicine, of which the true recipie has been lost.

tea stays: so called, in Edwardian times, because they added elegance to the gestures of a hostess pouring tea.

sea tea: sailors’ name for plankton bouillon.

(Edwin Morgan, from The Dictionary of Tea, 1966)




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