Don’t Stop Me Please (or a picture of a dog eating its own sick)

It’s good to have heroes.

It’s even better when they are people you know.

Here’s one of mine. This is why. Listen.


I count Chris as a hero because I believe that what he says about how things are and how things could be is important. And that he goes out and stands up and says it.

The world seen through his eyes can be unbearably beautiful. And it can be fucking horrible. And he’s always honest, and he is never, ever cynical.

He also swears more readily and fruitily than anyone else I know, and once sent me a picture of a stuffed squirrel riding on a plastic pony when I needed cheering up.

Dear Chris.

You rock.



The bits I’d keep in my purse.

1. Don’t ever ask the crowd ‘Is this a good idea?’

2. It’s as important to try and understand why you hate the stuff you hate as it is to know in whatever passes for your soul that you love the stuff you love.

3. You know when you’re cutting corners. You do. Don’t bullshit yourself.

4.  Be a massive bastard with yourself if that’s your thing, but don’t confuse being hard on yourself with beating yourself up. Note though, this is not an excuse to go to the park and eat ice cream.

5.  If shit goes wrong, the least important thing is whose fault it is.

6.  If you can’t have a conversation about your idea, then you don’t know what the idea is yet, but you won’t know whether you can have a conversation about your idea until you try to have that conversation.

7. Don’t confuse being true to some rigid methodology with being true to an ideal. Bend the systems around your ideas, don’t bend your ideas around the systems.

8. Everything is done by ordinary people (this one actually from the lovely Alex Kelly.  He’s another hero. For another day).





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