When in doubt, make a list

(This is a wheel within a wheel within a wheel within a wheel.)

The tiny secret brass cog whirring frantically in the middle of the grossest, most clanking machine. Shhhhhh…don’t frighten it. It might fall off.

1. Black coffee, not sweet tea.

2. Marmite on buttered toast, not prissy jam on scones.

3. Biker boots, not skinny heels.

4. Streetlamps, not candlelight.

5. Karaoke, not conversation.

5. The Old Town at 2am, not George Street for Happy Hour.

7. A bollard.

8. A bin.

9. And a bench with a falling down drunk.

10. The strength of your hands.

11. The sweat and reek of your socks.

12. Bruises, not friction.

13. Your cheek and your nonsense, not this awkward respect.

14. The throwdown rasp of a night, not the pale ends of today.



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